The LabLabLab Vol.1 compilation


FR The LabLabLab Vol.1 compilation
FR Aude Meunier-Rochon
FR Jonathan Lessard
Date de création
FR Première publication de A Tough Shell et de SimProphet en 2015,
Première publication de SimHamlet en 2016
FR Anglais
FR Le LabLabLab
FR L'œuvre est une compilation de trois jeux de type « simulation ». Le joueur incarne un personnage qui cherche à convaincre Blanche Neige de manger sa pomme, à convaincre un homme et ses chèvres de joindre sa religion ou à élucider le mystère de la mort de la cour danoise du roi Hamlet. Les jeux sont tous des jeux textuels où le joueur lit les questions / affirmations du personnage avec qui il converse et doit y répondre pour atteindre son but.
FR « A Tough Sell is LabLabLab’s first natural language conversational game prototype. You play the role of Snow White’s evil stepmother. Disguised as an old woman, you must attempt to convince her to eat a poisonous apple. This being your third assassination attempt, she might be a bit suspicious by now.

The LabLabLab Vol.1 compilation features the latest version of this game. »

«You are challenged to assume the role of a prophet—someone who has just heard from some divinity and strives to spread the good word. You meet Ambar, a basic Sumerian shepherd. Here’s a golden opportunity to hone your evangelistic skills. The guy wants to know everything about your God/Gods/Goddess/Being of Pure Energy and whatnot. The best part is, you can talk to him in plain English. He’s a bit thick but he tries hard. Will you make him a believer?

SimProphet is LabLabLab’s second prototype focusing on harnessing player creativity.

The game’s premise is that you’ve heard directly from some divinity and want to spread Their Holy Dominion. Through your encounter with a basic Sumerian shepherd named Ambar and his sheep, you are encouraged to sell your salad however best to convince him of the godsent importance of your evangelization. Being a conversational game, you can talk to him in plain English.

The LabLabLab Vol.1 compilation features the latest version of this game. »

« Half of the Danish court lies dead after a series of puzzling macabre events. It’s your job to untangle this mess and find out who did what to whom, why, when and how. To do this, you need to interrogate the gravedigger (you can do that in plain English). Apparently, he has all the information you need. The problem is that he’s a bit thick and might need some tight questioning.

SimHamlet explores the potential gameplay of retrieving information from a reluctant or non-cooperative character. The game begins in the aftermath of Shakespeare’s play. The player is cast as a government official with the mission of clarifying the recent events to write an official report. A gravedigger must be interrogated in order to establish the ins and outs of each murder. He apparently knows everything there is to know however the process is complicated by the NPC’s idiosyncratic perception of the events, in which lies the challenge of the encounter.

The LabLabLab Vol.1 compilation features the latest version of this game. »

Mention de genre autodéclarée : « game » et « natural language conversational game prototype »
Modalité procédurale
FR Blanche Neige
FR Web
Principe d'organisation
Personne ayant créé la fiche
FR Aude Meunier-Rochon

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